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Mindy Weiss - Coordinator Spotlight

Sheryal Rozzelle - Wednesday, December 15, 2010



Raise the Cake loves Mindy Weiss!!

It was so much fun to provide our renteable bling bling cake stand for one of her fabulous weddings at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel. The Ritz provided the gorgeous cake, simple and sublime!

The cake table is adored with zillions of flowers and we just love it!! Who says no one cares about the cake!! I do and as I see her so does Mindy!








 Also a fun shout out to Mindy on her FABULOUS wedding seminar *
The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event 2 * 
She used my 3 tier bling bling stand as a display piece.
This is one event not to miss next year, it was a real treat to be involved.
Lots of fun people there too. It was as a great day.

Again, thank you Mindy !! You rock!

Cake in the amazing bling bling stand by Sweet Gems.

Don't Forget to Raise the Cake,   Kathy Jo

Raise the Cake thanks
Jay Lawrence Goldman Photography


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