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Sheryall Rozzelle - Coordinator Spotlight

Sheryal Rozzelle - Wednesday, September 01, 2010
    Sheryal Rozzelle with Unique Elegance

Raise The Cake is so honored to be able to create cake stands for wedding planner Sheryal Rozzelle from Unique Elegance.  Unique Elegance is known for her attention to detail and making sure her cakes have stands is just one of the many ways she impresses her clients.

As you can see even the simplest of stand can give even the most ornate cake table a super polished look.


The yellow and black look formal and fresh for this wedding.
What a stunning creative way to use these colors.
I love how the yellow pops and the black lends a flair of sophistication.



The guests tables were a work of art!









I created a simple stand of white matt satin, yellow ribbon
and two small black ribbons around that. The effect is subtle and yet completes the look.
The stand it self was only about $130 and was a nice touch to this dramatic cake table.

And wow, what a glorious cake table, now thats what I call giving the cake its due place of honor!

Don't Forget to Raise the Cake,   Kathy Jo

Raise the Cake thanks

Coordinator: Unique Elegance
Photographer: Joe Photo
Florist: Square Root Designs
The Langham Huntington Hotel










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